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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why is Magnesium in Formula 303?

Formula 303 is one of the best natural ways to reduce tension, cramps, pains, stress, and anxiety.  It contains passion flower and valerian root that can help to naturally relieve muscle cramping, pains, and anxiety.  People always seem to wonder as to why magnesium is in Formula 303.  Magnesium isn't found in Formula 303 because of what it does, but instead it is Formula 303 because of what happens when the body doesn't have enough magnesium.

Magnesium deficiencies can cause all sorts of health problems both physically and mentally.  A magnesium deficiency can cause numerous symptoms in the mood and psyche.  A lack of magnesium can often lead a person to feel more irritable, and it can even cause anxiety.  It may also lead to depression, and it can cause an inability to focus for long periods of time.  Having low levels of magnesium can also affect the memory, and it can cause severe mental fatigue.

Physically a magnesium deficiency can also cause problems.  The muscles depend on magnesium, and when magnesium levels are low it can be hard to maintain complete control over the muscles.  People with low levels of magnesium frequently suffer from muscle cramps and spasms, and sometimes they even have muscle tics.  It may also cause tremors, and it can even cause the body's reflexes to become overactive. 

As you can see a lack of magnesium in the body can cause all the symptoms and ailments that Formula 303 can help with.  Magnesium deficiencies can cause health problems that are both physical and mental.  Magnesium is essential to Formula 303, because if a magnesium deficiency was at the root of the problem the valerian root and passion flower wouldn't be able to help.  The addition of magnesium is why Formula 303 is so great.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Formula 303 for Sciatica

My husband decided to write one Formula 303 review. Read on to find out about his experiences.

Having a laborious job as a carpenter and a painter could be tough on the body, especially on the back. Being active in this field of work, I've had my share of lower back pain and painful joints. Two months ago however, I was diagnosed with Sciatica, and this dampened my work activity for quite a while until my chiropractor advised me to take Formula 303 Natural Relaxant. I'm quite happy to report that the natural muscle relaxant actually worked!

My Painful Sciatica
My chiropractor says I owe my sciatic symptoms to my profession. Lifting heavy things and standing all day while working have contributed to the excruciating low back pain that I suffered through for the last months. There is also this burning pain on my buttock and down my leg.

It was partly my fault that my sciatic symptoms got worse. I refused to see a doctor or any healthcare professional because I thought that I just felt out of sorts, and all I needed was some painkiller medication that would get rid of the pain. I never predicted that my condition could get serious. In my second week of feeling sick, I could hardly get on my feet, and I was forced to call in a chiropractor for proper treatment. At first, he just prescribed me aspirin and acetaminophen. It worked okay the first three days, but when the pain got worse, the medication failed to soothe the ache. Because of this, I could hardly sleep so that I also felt fatigued.

The Wonders of Formula 303

Seeing my worsening condition, my chiropractor then recommended Formula 303 Natural Relaxant that I bought on EarthTurns.com. The label is true; Formula 303 does make the body relax in the most natural way. Unlike painkillers and sleeping pills, Formula 303 works in the most effective and natural way in lulling my body to relaxed state, so I could sleep soundly.

First, it gets rid of muscle pain spasms and then it puts me into a relaxing mood. The secret of this homeopathic formula is in its natural formulation, Valerian and Passiflora. Valerian is a medicinal plant used as a remedy for insomnia since the ancient times. It was extensively used in England during the World War II, as an effective treatment for stress. More than a remedy for insomnia and stress though, Valerian also works to soothe the ache of muscle spasms. Passiflora, on the other hand, is deemed to be an all natural anxiety reliever or tranquilizer.  This Passion Flower medication helps get rid of anxiety and stress, thus making my body function in the most ideal way. To treat muscle spasms, all I have to do is to drink two tablets every three hours until I feel the pain disappear. As a relaxant, I take 2 tablets 45 minutes before bed time and I'd have no trouble dozing off.

Developed by Dee Cee Labs, Formula 303 has been helping sciatic patients like me to deal with the pain and to treat the symptoms until they no longer manifest. I'm happy to tell you that today; I gladly go about my work without worrying about lower back pains setting in at the end of the day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Formula 303 for Tension Headaches

Tension and stress is nothing new to me. I just started my own business, and while I'm happy I am finally my own boss, I didn't expect that it would be harder than I expected. Of course, starting a business is not a walk in the park, so these past few days, I'm always stressed and worried about how my little business is doing. My husband constantly tells me to relax and let things flow, but I could not help it. My headaches are more intense and painful that I began losing sleep and getting really moody that even my daughter is getting affected. So my husband asked me to use, Formula 303, which he said will help me relax and sleep better. This has been a great product for both of us but I wondered whether or not Formula 303 can make us less tense. But after taking Formula 303, I was surprised at how effectively it works. I went on to research about it in the internet, as I was curious at how it works on tension headaches.

Here's what I found out. Formula 303 is an all natural muscle relaxer that has been used and recommended by over 6,000 chiropractors. It's been giving safe and effective results for almost 50 years! That's pretty amazing. Each tablet contains natural ingredients like Valerian Root, Passiflora and Magnesium Carbonate. The combination of these ingredients helps reduce stress and tension. I can attest to this, because after taking two tablets of Formula 303 after a meal and another two at bedtime, I had a really nice sleep and didn't experience any tension headaches. 

Valerian Root is one of the key ingredients of Formula 303 and has been used as a remedy for insomnia since ancient Greece and Rome. Its therapeutic uses have been found to be described by Hippocrates and in 16th century, it is a common remedy for nervousness, headaches and even heart palpitations. And even in World War II, it was used in England to relieve people from stress due to air raids. It has been used that long, and it has been giving excellent results, so no wonder Formula 303 has been so effective.

Passiflora also gives some incredible benefits. It has been said to help people reduce restlessness, anxiety and nervousness. On a recent study, it was discovered that when men and women with generalized anxiety disorder used passiflora for a month, it help reduced anxiety. Passiflora, when combined with Valerian Root, can really help reduce tension and stress to anyone experiencing it. There are also studies that confirm that herbal remedies effectively help people find relief from tension, stress, insomnia and anxiety. These remedies have been used for centuries, and Formula 303 is found to have the best combination of these remedies.

Formula 303 is really amazing and has given me effective results. I can concentrate more on work and experience less stress and tension headaches. I'm so glad my husband found out about this amazing product. I recommend it to anyone who is a worrywart like me and wants to have a much better sleep at night.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Formula 303 Natural Relaxant

You might be wondering...why is someone writing a blog about Formula 303. Well, this is the best Formula 303 testimonial I can think of. 

Formula 303 natural relaxant has worked for me when prescription muscle relaxers didn't. DC Labs' Formula 303 tablets are amazing to say the least. First of all, they are all natural muscle relaxants. Secondly, they help relax my muscles after a hard workout or a really stressful day. As a natural relaxant I haven't found a better one, in fact, I can honestly say that Formula 303 is the best natural muscle relaxant I've ever used. The main reasons are that it works fast, doesn't make me groggy, I feel naturally relaxed (not drugged up).

Unless you're aware of your body, you may not even realize how tight your muscles are. There are even days I'm at work when all of a sudden, I realize that my shoulders are tucked under my earlobes. Other days, it's more obvious and grabbing a bottle of Formula 303 natural relaxant is the only thing that's worked for me.